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When you need a lawyer to help you prepare for the future or defend you against criminal charges, you want to be sure the representation you choose is capable of standing up to the challenge of overcoming your legal needs. Not every law firm can offer the same level of representation, so you need to be sure you are getting the legal guidance you need from an attorney you can trust.

I am Connie Bentley McGhee, Esq., and I have more than 30 years of experience representing clients throughout New Jersey. I built my career on bringing the most good to the most people throughout the Newark area, and I am ready to put my decades of legal knowledge and courtroom experience to work for you. You can learn more about my experience here:

What Sets Me Apart

When clients come to me for help with their estate planning needs, DUI charges, or traffic violation cases, I make it a priority that they feel respected and heard while I represent them. I take the time to listen to their unique needs before crafting a personalized strategy that they can depend on.

I do not provide every client with the same basic representation. Instead, I make sure each of my clients gets the thorough and customized representation they need from me as I pursue the ideal outcome for their legal needs. Whether you need someone to help you create or update an estate plan to prepare for tomorrow, or you need to defend your license today against traffic or DUI charges, choose an attorney who is as committed to your needs as you are.

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If you are ready to meet with a lawyer who will provide you with committed representation, answer your questions, and remain in constant contact with you throughout your legal needs, reach out to me now. Contact me via email or by calling 973-339-3113 to schedule your initial consultation today.