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Cellphone addiction and driving violations

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Traffic Violations

In New Jersey, drivers are discouraged from using hands-free devices while operating the car. It is technically legal, but just not recommended.

That said, using a handheld device is entirely illegal and completely prohibited. People are not even allowed to talk on the phone if they have to hold it in one hand. They certainly cannot do things like taking pictures, sending text messages, browsing social media and the like.

Your phone is designed to be addictive

However, many drivers get in the car and have a hard time leaving their phone in their pocket. They want to take it out to use it for various tasks, perhaps like streaming music in the car or programming a GPS. Additionally, if they hear a notification come in, they may be very tempted to check the phone – despite the fact that it’s illegal.

The problem here is that phones are designed to be addictive. This is done on purpose because app developers are typically seeking revenue from advertisements. If they can get people to use their apps more often, and to stay on them longer, they can make more money from selling these ad placements.

As a result, many drivers find themselves getting pulled over for using the phone in the car. But they never would have done so if the phone itself wasn’t addictive.

Your defense options

Have you gotten a traffic citation or a ticket for using your phone in the car? If so, there are criminal defense options at your disposal. Be sure you know how to proceed and never assume that your only option is to pay the ticket. Each case is unique.