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2 myths about drunk driving

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2024 | DUI/DWI

Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about drunk driving. People often repeat these without realizing that they’re inaccurate. Others overhear them, and it leads to mistakes that may include an arrest.

Of course, ignorance is no excuse for a violation of the law, so your best course of action is to understand what these myths are in advance so that you can avoid them. Here are two examples to keep in mind.

1. You have to be over the legal limit

First off, people often think that you have to break the legal limit of a BAC of 0.08%. But even if you take a breath test and you are under the legal limit, you could still be arrested. Officers can use other evidence to show that you were too impaired to drive safely, regardless of your BAC. Depending on how long it took for them to administer the test if you are close to the legal limit, they may also be able to argue that you were over it at the time that you were operating the vehicle.

2. You can sober up quickly

Next, people sometimes drink coffee, drink water, eat a meal or take a shower in an effort to sober up quickly before they drive. But none of this actually helps. Your blood alcohol concentration only goes down with time, so the only way to sober up is to wait. Nothing else is going to make you more sober than you were previously, and you could still be arrested for driving under the influence.

Perhaps you are already facing charges and you’re concerned about what they mean for your future. Take the time to carefully look into your legal defense options.