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Thorough And Thoughtful Planning For The Future

Regardless of income level or tax bracket, everyone can benefit from a skillfully created estate plan. Proper planning can answer the questions your loved ones have when you cannot answer them and ensure they are provided for when you are gone. To create a plan that you and your family can depend on, turn to the guidance of a skilled estate planning lawyer.

I am Connie Bentley McGhee, Esq., and I have more than 30 years of experience helping people build and update estate plans that are in line with New Jersey law. I know the importance of having an estate plan in place as soon as possible, and I am committed to helping my clients swiftly and efficiently develop a plan that they can count on when they need it.

What An Estate Plan Can Offer You

Instead of settling for a basic estate plan that leaves loved ones confused and opens opportunities for contestation, I take the time to build custom-tailored and iron-clad plans that are secure and thorough. Based on your unique needs, we can craft a plan that accounts for estate planning matters such as:

  • Wills — Your last will and testament specifies which beneficiaries will collect what inheritance at the time of your passing.
  • Trusts — Assets placed in a trust are held separate from your estate, offering some protection. One main benefit is that assets in a trust pass directly to the beneficiaries without going through the probate process. Trusts can also put stipulations on inheritance, such as a minor or young adult who is not ready to handle the money all at once.
  • Powers of attorney — If you were to become incapacitated by injury, illness or dementia, a power of attorney grants authority to a trusted person of your choosing to handle your financial and legal affairs.
  • Advance directives — These documents, also know as living wills, allow you to specify medical wishes like preferences regarding organ donation, what operations you consent to, and whether you would wish to remain on life support.

Once I have laid out your wishes for your estate plan, I will see to it that the plan is finalized in accordance with New Jersey law so that there is little to no room to challenge its contents or creation.

Start Planning Today

There is no guarantee of what tomorrow will bring, so why not take the time today to protect your last wishes? Call my Newark office at 973-339-3113 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today. I look forward to helping you earn peace of mind for whatever the future may bring!